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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Checking Things off my list and PA Rifle Deer Season

This past two weeks has been somewhat slow on progress toward the initial firing. I have been doing some small tasks, but deer season did take precedence for the first part of last week.

We, (my son Kyle and Scott a friend from Jersey) planned to hunt until we filled our tags. Our rifle season lasts two weeks, but usually the first couple of days are the most productive. Kyle tagged a very nice 9 pointer on Monday. He weighed in at 135 pounds dressed, and we estimate he was 2.5 years old. Scott also was able to fill his tag on Monday with a beautiful 10 pointer that field dressed out a 154 pounds, and was estimated to be 3.5 years old. That left me as the odd man out.

Tuesday morning was a great day to be in the woods. The full moon set around 6:00AM, and it was spectacular. Just as the sun was beginning to lighten the sky, I saw a deer feeding out in to the soybean field on which I was hunting. A quick look through my binoculars confirmed he was the Big 10 pointer, we named "The Pig". One shot, and I had filled my tag. A very nice 10 point, 155 pounds dressed, and 3.5 years old. I had been pursuing him since Bow season, and I was glad that I could be the one to tag him. I was also glad that I could now focus on the final pieces of my GARN project.

Over the weekend I fabricated a bracket for my 50 Plate heat exchanger. The bracket will be anchored to the basement wall to support the heat exchanger when it is installed. My design simulations determined a 50 plate Heat Exchanger with 10 gpm and a 20F system delta would supply sufficient BTUs to the house load for my design day.

The manufacture of Flat plate heat exchangers, GEA of York PA, has introduced a more economical series of heat exchangers suitable for the Outdoor wood burner market, the GBE series. I found them available through an online supplier, Chris Allis of C.C. Allis & Sons. Chris has a great online Plumbing and Heating store with very competitive pricing, and also he is very helpful. I was first going to order the GEA FP series HX, but he suggested the GBE series since it would more than meet my needs, and came in about 2/3 the price of the equivalent FP model. So for a little under $550 shipping and tax included, I got my 5o plate HX with 1-1/4" MPT connections, and 2 1-1/4" Y strainers

After I tagged my deer, I took a little time and finished up the wiring of my service from the house to my GARN BARN. I installed a 100 amp panel in the shed. The only reason for such a large panel, was this was the smallest panel I could find with a main breaker that could be used as a service disconnect that is required by code. At the main panel in the house I installed a 60 amp breaker as my limit. Even 60 amps is over kill for this application. The GARN BARN will only need a couple of circuits, 1 for some outlets, 1 for lights, 1 for my pumps, 1 for the blower motor, and 1 30 amp circuit for a heat element in the GARN. I roughed in most of the needed circuits, and will finish them up soon.

Last week, I also completed some rough grading around the shed. I insulated the foundation with blueboard to prevent the pad from heaving from frost. I also put the stone down in the lean-too portion of the shed so I have a firm compacted base for firewood storage. The #2 stone will also provide good drainage. I also installed the horizontal exhaust flue, the fresh air intake, and the blower motor for the GARN.

This past week I was supposed to get the plumbing completed by a local HVAC contractor. I hit a snag when he finally gave me a number to complete the work, and it was down right ridiculous! So I fell back to plan "B" and found another guy who will finish the job starting on Monday. I will post some pics and plumbing diagrams in my next update.

Hopefully we can be lighting the initial MATCH by next Friday. Things are coming together slowly but surely........Almost DONE and NONE to SOON, it's getting COLD!

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