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Thursday, November 26, 2009

4 PEX Fittings and the $10K Expander Tool

Well, it is the morning of Thanksgiving 2009, and I am putting the fittings on My 1.25" PEX. As most know, any PEX above an 1" id requires special tools to expand the tubing to allow the fittings to be inserted. I planned for this in advance, but we all know about best laid plans and murphy.

So far the majority of my plumbing supplies have been purchased through our local supply house Weinstien Supply. Since I purchased my PEX there, they also were able to locate and rent me the WIRSBO expander tool required to install the fittings. The tool rents for $100/week and came in 2 weeks ago, but I was travelling on business, and was not able to pick it up. So....they rented it out to another customer of course. I had to wait until last night for it to be returned so I could get it before the holiday weekend shut-down. I really wanted to get this step done before now, but as someone smater than I said(Bill Clinton I think) "It is what it is". Fortunately, the sales rep, Ed got me the tool, and even dropped it off on his way home so I could get the fittings done this weekend.

The tool is really slick. It is a battery operated hydralic expander that takes all of 1 minute to expand the PEX enough to insert the fitting. I had 4 fittings to install 2 in the Garn Barn, and 2 in the basement. It took me all of 20 minuts to square cut the tubing, and install the fittings. I'm glad that is now done. The cost for 4 fittings installed, including the fittings, ProPex rings and tool rental was $40/fitting. Not much I can do about that, just pay up and move on!

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